50mm Syringe Filter

50mm Syringe Filter

50mm syringe filter is the filter sterilization of aqueous solutions, and venting.It removes microorganisms, particles, precipitates, and undissolved powder larger pore size, such as 0.22 micron (um) .50 mm syringe filter and non-pyrogenic mittetoksilised.Eriline design allows minimal hold-up volume and particle shedding, therefore syringe filter is ideally suited for the critical needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

● A small volumes of liquids
● Sterile venting of small fermenters
● Sterile venting of small containers
● General sterile filtration of gases and air

● Superior flow rates and high throughputs
● Smart and disposable
● scalable and reusable
● Good resistance to pressure


Materials of construction
Filter Medium: PTFE or PES for GMP on a polypropylene support
Housing: Polypropylene
Inlet to outlet 45 mm (1.77 in.)
Diameter 56.2 mm (2.21in.)
Filtration area 17.2 cm²(2.6 in²)
Pore size 0.22 μm,0.45μm,0.8 μm, 1.2μm
Temperature limit
130°C (266°F) maximum
Pressure limit at ambient temperature
60psi (4.1bar)
Outlet : Stepped hose barbs
Inlet :Stepped hose barbs